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There are some great budget laptops out there, but just because they’re cheap, doesn’t mean they’re going to do the job you want or have all the features you need.

Most people fall victims in buying a laptop that’s cheap, only to end up hating what they bought because they had no idea what a cheap laptop should have to satisfy user experience.

Different people have different reasons for buying a cheap laptop. I’ll walk you through what you need to look for when buying a cheap laptop.

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Ports and portability

Not all laptops include the ports you depend on. Many modern laptops, like our favorite Dell XPS 13, only have Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports.     If you need USB-A or an SD card reader, make sure your chosen laptop has those specific ports before buying, or budget for an adapter.

Storage Sense

This is very important when making a decision. I bought a good-looking laptop some years back and didn’t bother to check the storage, only to find out months later that the storage was just 16GB and 10 GB could only be used. I had two options which was to boost the memory with an external hard drive or to buy a new laptop. This got me really sick but I learned from that. So, that a laptop looks so cute should attract you but not be a basis for conclusion. Do check the storage. 

I would recommend you buying a laptop having above 16GB of storage because you might use it longer than you expected.


Size always depends on what you want. Some people love mini laptops because they feel, they are cheap but this is not so. You can get big size laptops that are relatively cheap as well.

Don’t go for any laptop without checking out the size and if it suits you.

For more detailed description about size, click here


Well, this is so important to me. Some fairly used laptops have batteries that have reduced efficiency. The fact that you’re buying a cheap laptop does not mean the battery won’t be good enough. You might need to use it in the beach or in a park. You would like to use it in every place at least for a period.

Although, there are many factors that could affect the longevity of a laptop battery ranging from screen resolution and having so many applications running. However, when going for a cheap laptop, go for one that can last for a minimum of 2hrs.


Even if its cheap, the Ram should not be ignored. You can look at laptops with a minimum of 2GB Ram. Having a good ram would allow smooth running of many applications.

Premium Design

Most cheap laptops are made out of plastic materials that look and feel cheap. Devices that use premium materials such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber cost more but they are well worth it.

Great Keyboard

Many average-priced laptops have flexy or stiff keyboards. While more expensive laptops don’t always offer a better typing experience, many have snappier keys and deeper travel. Your fingers will notice the difference. When searching for one, make sure the keyboard is finger-friendly.


Hmm. ”Is brand that important? as long as it just have the features I’m looking for…” You might be thinking. Brand is very important. Most laptop brands have quality features ranging from long battery, budget friendly and premium designs.

Brands like Acer, Asus, Hp, Dell, Apple, and Microsoft.

I love Acer because they focus on build quality.

Hp is good because you can sell it after using it and the parts are easily found and replaced, but most Hp’s and Dell’s have overheating issues.

Final Thought

Hp, Dell, Apple, Acer and Microsoft are the best brands while maintaining balance between durability, reliability and quality. I don’t promote products for people to just purchase. I’m geared towards value. Any laptop that won’t be durable and satisfactory is not worth reviewing, because medicine after death ain’t necessary.

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Please let us know in the comments below, your thoughts and your experience with laptop brand you’ve used.

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