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Ever wondered why your system is often attacked by malware and viruses?

Sometimes, your laptop begins to show signs of misbehavior which we often times ignore.

You get a nightmare when your laptop stores every important document relating to your job or business and all of a sudden, it shuts down. You can’t explain any reason for the malfunctioning but you know something is wrong somewhere. However, you don’t have an explanation of the malfunctioning.

Well, your system is malfunctioning but still boots, you have the opportunity to restore proper functioning before it corrupts your files and totally destroys your system.


Common causes of Security Problems

A well known computer problem is viruses or damaging programs that are introduced to computers or networks. Some viruses re-write coding to disrupt the usability of software programs, while others destroy stored data. Many viruses spread quickly like cancer, and operate subtly even without you noticing it until the damage is already been done.

Another way you really don’t know about is hacking. Hackers have two main methods for causing problems for personal orn business systems. They find a way to enter the system and then change or steal information from the inside or they try to overwhelm the system from the outside so that it shuts down.

Often times, we download contents that aren’t secure without finding out if they are virus-free.

But we can prevent these heck viruses that subtly enters your system to corrupt important files.


How to Manage Virus Entrance

One of the most effective ways to protect a computer that is connected to the internet from unauthorized outside access is using a Firewall.

A Firewall is a hardware security device that is installed between a computer network and the internet. It blocks external users from accessing the internal computer system.

Another way you can keep your computer and document safe from virus attack is by installing a strong internet antivirus program. Antivirus programs help keep your downloads safe. It often alerts you of insecure downloads and insecure sites.

But there are many antivirus program out there that can be good for your system, however, we made detailed research for the best and most updated antivirus software. The reason for this is because some new viruses were earlier detected and some viruses have gotten stronger than the antivirus used against it.


Best Internet security software

Our top picks

1. Norton Security Deluxe

”We’re so confident in our ability to keep your devices secure, we offer a 100% guarantee: from the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert will help keep your devices virus-free or give you a refund” – says Norton Antivirus team. 

Norton Security Deluxe plus Norton Utilities Bundle protects your identity and financial data from cybercrime, plus fixes common PC problems to boost overall system speed to help keep your PC running fast and error-free, for up to 3 PCs. If you pay your bills on your smartphone, shop on your tablet or keep important financial information on your laptop, get Norton Security Deluxe for one easy solution that protects up to three of your devices-PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets-all backed by our 100% guarantee.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee protection against malware and viruses
  • Helps shield you against scammers while you surf, bank, socialize and shop online.


  • Parental control carries extra cost


 2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky internet security is one of the best internet security suites we found on our test and research analysis. The reason we say this is because it gives you more security to ensure you and your family are extra safe while online. Our internet security research data analysis showed that Kaspersky blocked 95-98% of 380 live malware samples we used. 

This is how Kaspersky protects your system; if you visit any site that has malware downloads, this program displays a warning message letting you know it’s dangerous to continue. Well, if you go ahead to download it, Kaspersky captures the threat and securely quarantines or completely flushes it from your computer.


  • This software has parental control that you can easily enable. It will block any website that falls within the category of pornography or violence.
  • It comes with a password manager that keeps all your login information for multiple online accounts in one place and helps shield them from internet hackers while you attempt logging in.
  • It provides online storage space to backup important files and documents.


  • No 24/7 support system. There is little problem with their customer support. When you email them, it could take a while for you to get a reply

More about Kaspersky Security software.


3. Webroot Internet Security

Webroot, a powerful antivirus to keep your computer safe.

Webroot is one of the best security programs for customers because it is easy and simple to use.

Not only is it simple to use but Webroot has many nice things to offer in its protection as antivirus and this has covered a major part of the need of most end users. Your database is kept up to date of any threat, the management of the console is attractive and the documentation is very helpful.

The control of policies is worth highlighting because if you have a large organization, you can set parameters for different sectors and with different configurations that are very useful. Let us look at more features of this software.


  • Very fast and efficient. Does not slow down systems when it is working.
  • Great support from manufacturers.
  • It allows you to cover up to 4 devices per each membership. So you could cover your cell phone, laptop, desktop PC and whatever device under the same membership.


  • Sometimes it detects false positives when a clean application is downloaded and this can usually be uncomfortable as it takes time.
  • It takes time to understand most of its important features; like setting up your password.

Click here to find more reviews about this software that could blow your mind off…

4. Avast internet security

Avast made a name for itself mainly through its free offering beginning in 2001. 16 years later, Avast gained the most antivirus market share out of all other competitors, which is no surprise considering they have more than 200 millions users. 

Threats are listed by the security department of Google and tested on various virus killer platforms. If no antivirus program is installed in your system, hackers can, for example, access your online banking details.

If you used Avast before and you don’t like it, you should consider it again because they have made significant advances in 2019.


  • System reboot time increases by 10% when running Avast on your system
  • Strong malware protection
  • Great bonus features


  • It has about 20% lag times when surfing the internet.
  • No parental control


5.  Eset Internet security 

On our In-depth research and test of the Eset Internet security, It blocked web pages that had harmful links and downloads. The program also stopped malware from downloading, so there was no chance these threats could infect our system.

If you use wi-fi monitoring features, ESET will make sure no one is connecting his computer with your own or using wireless connection without your knowledge.


  • The included parental control lets you block inappropriate websites by selecting a filter category such as violence, pornography or drugs.
  • Both basic and premium internet security packages come with safe banking and shopping tools.
  • It also has webcam security and online banking protection. This could be very useful when you don’t want anyone to mesmerize with your system especially when you’re not around. 


  • With all the features ESET’s protection suites have, it does not offer online backup
  • Too complex to use


6. McAfee LiveSafe Software

Today, with international hackers stealing bitcoins with untraceable apps and sowing viruses on our devices to gain access to our sensitive data, it is very important to use contemporary solutions in order to protect ourselves.

Windows 10 and the latest MAC have improved security measures but they are just not enough especially if you’re connected to the internet 24 hours in 7 days or you work mostly online.

McAfee is one of the most recognized antiviruses in our world which most users don’t know about. This program can help solve your internet security need as you keep surfing the net without limit.


  • McAfee offers good support for its users through email and other support platforms. By now, you shouldn’t be scared of buying it, thinking you would have to do the whole setup yourself. 
  • Because of the smart licensing policy, you are free to protect as many devices as you want with one single license. This is very perfect if you’re running a business.
  • It removes 100% viruses from your system without leaving any traces


  • No Adware prevention
  • This price is high compared to their competitors


7. Bitdefender internet security software 2019

Bitdefender security software delivers multiple layers of protection against ransomware. It uses behavioral threat detection to prevent infections and protects your most important documents from ransomware encryption.

The new network-based adaptive layer protection prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in your system, detects and blocks brute-force attempts, prevents your device from being compromised in botnet attacks and prevents sensitive information from being sent in unencrypted forms. You should consider this if you are using Windows or Mac.


  • There are parental digital control features for extra online safety for your children. You can know where your kids are when they use a mobile device with GPS tracking.
  • You can make browsing experience safe for your kids by keeping inappropriate content away from them.
  • It updates automatically and protects you against the most advanced and latest cyber threats on the planet


  • The program does not offer so much security to tablets and smartphones. You will need to download a separate one for your devices if they are more than 2


8. eScan internet Security Software

You would agree with me that the only way to know how best something can be is to compare it with a similar item especially when you want to give a verdict.

We experimented with this software and placed the features side by side with Kaspersky internet security and if you’re also comparing them, you would be interested in what we found out that could be useful for you.

eScan offers online backup and password manager. The password manager is very useful here as having a password increases your protection on the internet and reduces the risk of being hacked. I would not be able to provide so many details on their comparison but you can find more about it here


  • Parental control is included which can help prevent unwanted content. You can use different settings for each of your family member and block contents based on the user’s age
  • eScan has cloud protection. Cloud protection makes it possible to quickly discover and stop new threats.
  • It has anti-spam tools that block unwanted emails. Like me, if you hate all those nonsense annoying spam emails being sent to your mailbox all the time, you would properly consider this program because of this feature


  • Although it has great features we admired, it lags the system during virus and system scans


9. Bull Guard Internet Security Software

With so many competitive security software, most software manufacturers have opted for reducing the price of their software so that many others can consider it. 

Bullguard has awesome features and comes with an affordable price, that is why we decided to include it in our list. 

This Security software is one of the best when it comes to using it. Although the company is not very famous compared to the industry leaders who have been in it for years, But they are building an increasing reputation with users that know their product.


  • If you’re inexperienced, then you should consider getting this. The reason I say this is because getting just any internet software without knowing how to use it could be frustrating and a waste of money.
  • It provides 24/7 support to users. You wouldn’t be happy buying a program that will not attend to your questions promptly.
  • It’s highly detective. The phishing protection too is above the average level.


  • Although having awesome features and tools, the antivirus is slow and laggy.
  • Malware protection is not strong.


10. Avira Internet Security Software

Is Avira great or is it just okay?

Well, I can not say that Avira is the best neither will I say that it’s very limited but one thing I know is, you will get the answer after reading. 

The installation process is quite simple, no technicalities involved. You can install it on a mid-range computer without any problem. It gives you control over your system allowing you to enable or disable extra functions that allow you to provide a higher level of protection like safe shopping, home guard, VPN, password manager, and others. More of its great features are in the pros below.


  • It can boost the speed of your system. 
  • Unlike other programs, Avira allows you to opt-in for the free version if you don’t want to pay any money yet. Although not all features will be unlocked.


  • Not so strong to detect suspicious malware and viruses
  • The free version pops up annoying ads which for me could be very annoying.


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