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Have you ever felt good when working on your system and it suddenly trips off? Or you were playing your best game and just as you wanted to win, you notice that your laptop was overheating? Nobody likes such a feeling and I don’t think you do.

It could be awful having overheating issues with your system especially when it is useful to you. Your system overheats, that’s why it turns off randomly after 6-10 mins. I will guide through on what you can best do when your system overheats or keeps overheating.

But before we step out to laptop overheating solutions, let us check for their causes and know the genesis of this problem.

Causes of Laptop Overheating

There are several possible causes for your laptop’s overheating. Primarily, overheating is a primary cause of premature laptop hardware failure, and it’s very important that you get it taken care of before it completely ruins your machine.

Non-working Fan

One common cause most people don’t pay attention to is a non-working fan. Always check to see if your fan is running each time you operate your system. You can check it at intervals to be sure. If the fan is working, you should hear it and feel air being blown out of the exhaust vent(s).

Reduced Fan Speed

But even if the fan is running, it could be running at a reduced speed, a situation that would prevent the fan from moving enough air over the laptop’s internal components to keep them cool. If the fan is running at a reduced speed, the internal components will not be cooled and this will cause overheating.



Another common issue is dust restricting the airflow around the motherboard and the laptop’s internal components. we certainly can’t get rid of dust but we can prevent it from affecting our system. If the fan is running but little or no air is coming out of the vent, that’s a good sign that the internal airflow is being restricted.



Still, another common cause of laptop overheating is malware running on your system. Viruses, spyware, adware and other types of malware put a heavy strain on the CPU and other components of your laptop. This causes those components to heat up, often to a point where the fan simply cannot move enough air over them to cool them down.


We’ve walked through the causes, lets now see the solutions….


Laptop Overheating Solutions

There isn’t any problem without a solution to it. I’ve had a Hp laptop my dad bought for me when I was a kid. I enjoyed the Hp pretty well in terms of games and other exciting stuff. It really was awesome!

Not until a time came where I would be gaming on my bed and I start feeling the ”hotness” of my system. Sooner than later, the system would go off. It no longer takes time to be used. It got to a certain period where the motherboard got burned. I was left with two options; buy a new system or repair this one with my savings. Well, I found out the solutions to this problem and decided to share it with you.

1) Take it to a laptop repair shop

if you notice your fan ain’t working anymore or its working at a reduced speed, don’t overuse your system again. Take it to a laptop repair shop. You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes, we can be reluctant to do so if the problem doesn’t persist.

Tell them of the reduced fan speed or that the fan isn’t working anymore. Most computer parts are easy to find and can be replaced almost immediately.

When your system’s fan is running pretty well but little or no air is coming out of the vent just as I explained earlier, don’t hesitate to take it to a laptop repair shop to help you fix the problem. All that needs to be done is for the dust to be removed and your system starts functioning normally.

If none of the aforementioned solutions applies to you but your system keeps overheating, that could be traceable to a malware running on your system. Simply take it to a system repair shop and ask them to get it out for you.

The malware would have gotten in, through downloads.

2) Have a strong Anti-virus on your system

it is advisable to always get a good antivirus on your system when you make a system purchase.

Don’t be carried away by the beauty of the system. Installing an antivirus early enough relieves you of stress and anxiety.

I got one on my system and it usually unveils any malware that has entered my system upon download. Even the sites I trusted and downloaded from, had malware. Now, I’m not saying that all sites have malware but what I’m saying in essence here is to keep your system malware-free.

If your system is affected by malware, follow the instructions in this post to get it removed.

3) Always place your Laptop on a hard surface

Furthermore, it is never good to rest your running laptop on a bed, pillow, or other soft surfaces that can block the air vents in the bottom of the laptop case. I see people do this all the time, and it’s truly a laptop killer!

Always place your laptop on a flat, hard surface whenever it’s powered up and running.

If you need to use it while sitting on a bed, couch or other pieces of furniture, place it on a lap desk or some other flat, hard surface. Even better, use a high-quality laptop cooling pad.

Whatever you do, don’t place your laptop directly on your lap!

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I hope this post was helpful. If it was, take some minutes and drop a comment in the comments below. You can also tell us the problems you have with your system and we will get back to you.laptop overheating solutions



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